Champion’s Club


Our vision is that EVERYONE can come to church and ANYONE can encounter God in a real, personal and relevant way.
Champions Club helps overcome obstacles that may keep kids with special needs from having a God encounter, and growing in their relationship with Him.

Champions Club is a specially designed developmental area and programme hosted at church on Sundays, for children with special needs.
Our goal is that this programme would meet the unique developmental needs of special needs children in four important ways: SPIRITUALLY, INTELLECTUALLY, MENTALLY, and PHYSICALLY.
Campions Club creates a space where kids with extraordinary needs are introduced to a Sunday church experience, in a way that is relevant and safe for them. In time, through its developmental focus, we aim to integrate them into our Kidz Church programme. We believe that Champions Club won’t just impact children but whole families as well.

If you would like more information on the Champions Club Program and Curriculum the check out there website:


There are various different ways in which you can serve in Champions Club.
If you would love to be a part of the Champions Club Dream Team then fill out the information below and we will make contact with you.

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    We would love to set up the venue with the equipment that is best suited to serve, lead and love our Champions.
    If you would like to give towards this then please make use of our giving channels here, and simply include the reference “Champions”.

    Together we can make a difference in the lives of families with special needs children!

    You can make use of any of our giving channels here, simply include the reference “Champions.”