Champions Club

Champions Club creates a space where extraordinary kids with special needs are introduced to a Sunday church service, in a way that is relevant, engaging, and safe for them.


Please note that due to the specialised nature of this programme, its need for a designated room and specially trained volunteers, space is limited.
In order for us to best serve your child in a way that is helpful to them we ask that you fill out our Application Form below, and someone on our team will be in touch with you with more information.


There are various ways in which you can serve in Champions Club.
If you would love to be a part of the Champions Club Dream Team then fill out your information below and we will make contact with you.

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    We would love to set up the venue with the equipment that is best suited to serve, lead and love our Champions.

    Together we can make a difference in the lives of families with special needs children!

    You can make use of any of our giving channels here, simply include the reference “Champions.”