CHAPTER 12: Day 3: His or Mine?

14 “But me––who am I, and who are these my people, that we should presume to be giving something to you? Everything comes from you; all we’re doing is giving back what we’ve been given from your generous hand

(1 Chronicles 29:14 Message)

King David, was the chief contributor towards the Temple building project. It could have been easy for him to think of himself and someone great, sacrificial, generous etc. And he was! But he never for a moment thought that he did anything significant. Why? Because he believed that what he gave belonged to God anyway. That God was the generous one who had allowed David to gain his wealth.

What a reversal of thinking. Imagine if, as believers, we can get a revelation of this. That when we give, we’re not thinking that we’re doing God a favour. Or that we’re giving God what belongs to us. But that we are simply giving back what He has given us in the first place. There is actually a word in the Bible for this. It’s called stewardship. A steward is a person who looks after what is not actually theirs. David recognised that everything belonged to God. And that all that he had was given to him from God. Therefore His responsibility was to find out how God wanted him to steward his resources.

Why don’t you take a moment, pray, and ask God to show you how you view money. Do I believe that everything I have is His or Mine? When ownership shifts, our hearts begin to shift as well.

Written by Sean Phillipps