CHAPTER 13: Day 1: Wisdom

There are so many valuable lessons in the story and life of Solomon that we can put into practice in our everyday lives.


1 Kings 3:10  NLT  –  Because Solomon did not ask God for long life, wealth for himself or the death of his enemies, but instead asked for wisdom,  God was pleased with him and gave him   –   ”a wise and understanding heart  such as no one else has had or ever will have”.

How often do we ask God for wisdom…His wisdom!!!  Practically speaking, we should do so every morning when we open our eyes.  As we face each day, there are so many important decisions that we have to make. How often do we even think of asking God for His advice and wisdom…..just asking God for His advice is wisdom in itself!!

It could be for basic things….or it could be for life changing things like buying a new house or car or even changing our jobs!! Do we apply God’s wisdom in our relationships….we see so many marriages floundering these days…do we ever ask God to give us wisdom in these things or do we just “go with our feelings”?

From my own experience, I could have saved myself so many hassles in certain situations if I had firstly, asked God for wisdom before acting and secondly, applying the advice that He had given me.  I think, if we are honest, we all have had situations in our lives where we have thought…”if only I had been wiser in taking a decision or in a situation that I found myself in”  or  “if only I had asked God’s advice before I acted”.

Let’s consider asking God for His wisdom and putting it into practice in our everyday lives.  Let’s endeavour to read the Book of Proverbs regularly……a Chapter  a week over and above our normal reading.  (it’s easy reading)  There are so many valuable nuggets of wisdom written by Solomon in this Book.

Written by Patricia Coetzee