CHAPTER 13: Day 2: Excellence

1 Kings 5:5  “I intend to build a Temple for the Name of The Lord my God, as The Lord told my father David when he said….”your son whom I will put on the throne in your place will build the temple for my Name.”

THE BEST FOR GOD!!!  That is what Solomon did when he built the Temple.  He did not hold back in any area, but sourced the best of everything…stone, cedar wood, olive wood, gold….everything of the highest quality, the best workmanship…nothing was spared,..,it was built to the Honour and Glory of God!!! It was EXCELLENT!!!

We have often heard it preached that “excellence is a lifestyle and not a method”.  Do we, whatever our hands find to do,  do it with excellence…to the Glory of God?  This is a real challenge!!!  Do we tithe excellently, do we serve excellently, do we treat people….our parents, spouses, children, friends and strangers…excellently? Do we behave excellently….no matter what situation we find ourselves in…or do we compromise our Christian values depending on where we are and who we are with!!!    It is so easy to do things  “good enough” but “good enough” is not our best and only our best is excellent.  Excellent is not perfect! We all know that we can never be perfect while on this earth…..only one day, when we meet Jesus face to face will we be made perfect in His presence.

Until that day, let us endeavour to live our lives and do everything that our hands find to do, to the very best of our ability….with excellence…to the Glory of God!!!

Written by Patricia Coetzee