As a church we will be embarking on a week of Prayer and Fasting from 22-28 July.


Fasting, in the literal sense, means to abstain or go without something, traditionally food, in order to focus on prayer and seeking God. Whenever we find ourselves hungry – it’s a reminder to pray.

There are many examples in the Bible of people and prophets who fasted and prayed to seek God’s guidance, healing, forgiveness, or simply to worship Him.

Jesus never mentioned much about fasting during His ministry. We only find specific teaching on fasting in Matthew 6. Here He introduced His teaching by saying “when you fast,” assuming that His followers would include fasting in their lives.


Fasting reminds us to spend more time praying, helping us to focus more on God. Instead of spending time having lunch, we can go to a quiet place in the office and spend time praying.

Fasting and praying humbles us and increases our sense of dependence on God. Just like we need food to survive and we cannot live without it – so we depend on God to intervene in our situation of need.

Fasting is a good exercise in self-control. By putting prayer above our need for food, we develop the habit of putting things of God above our own needs and desires.


Up until now, we have only mentioned going without food. But there are many other creative ways in which you can fast. Anything you can temporarily give up in order to better focus on God can be considered a fast.

We encourage you to do one of the following fasts:

  • 7 day Daniel fast – eat only plant-based meals
  • 7 day absolute fast – Fast all food and drink (except water)
  • 1 meal a day fast – Fast one meal (breakfast / lunch / dinner) every day
  • 1 day absolute fast – Fast all food and drink for 1 day of the week

Other examples of fasts:

  • Absolute Fast – Fasting all food and drink (except water)
  • Partial Fast – Going without certain foods (such as meat) or a specific meal (such as lunch)
  • Liquid Fast – Fasting all solid food and consuming only liquids (soups, smoothies and juice)
  • Media Fast – Avoiding media, especially social media or TV


  1. Decide on what to fast.
  2. Join us for Live Prayer from Monday to Saturday on Instagram & Facebook LIVE at 7pm.
  3. Follow our devotional posted daily on our website & social media.