Someone once said that growing old is not for “sissies.” This is very true as the elderly face many unique challenges. For example, in SA statistically wives outlive their husbands by 3-5 years. Hence we have more ladies than gentlemen in our group. Many elderly folk feel out of touch with life and even their families. Health problems are manifold and finances also are irksome.

Our group provides hope and companionship for the older members of UE. We dig deeper into the word of God in order to establish a firm foundation for the future of our members, many of whom are living “in the departure lounge” of life. While we are still breathing we have a God ordained future and we will do our level best to make it happen. We also honour special events like birthdays and organise outings and Christmas events.

We have a dedicated team of caregivers that take care of our members particularly those who are bedridden and hospitalised.

Although we cater for oldies all ages are welcome.

If you need any further information concerning this group feel free to contact Andy May via the form below or call 021 975 3717.

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