Young Adults

If you’re a young adult between the age of 18 and 25, we’d love to invite you to connect with us! Our heart is that young adults in our community would live lives of purpose, connected to God and to one another. We create three key environments for this to take place:

  1. Connect Groups: Our Young Adult Connect Groups are the best place for us to do life together. We believe that everyone is on a journey, and that the journey is better together. If you’d like to pop in at one of our YA Connect Groups so that you can find the right group for you, follow this link for more information.

2. Thursday Events and Sunday Hangouts: These are opportunities for Young Adults to connect in large groups at different locations around Durbanville or on a Sunday after the 6pm service. Keep an eye on church news for details.

3. Serving on the Dream Team: We believe that one of the best places to meet other young adults is by serving on the Dream Team at any one of our Sunday services. To sign up to serve on the Dream Team, join us at Growth Track for Step 3 and 4.  Step 3 takes place on the third Sunday of the month and Step 4 takes place on the fourth Sunday of each month. For more information on serving click here.

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